2021 Holiday

Tashi Delek

to you and your family!

It has been a blessing and thankful year for all of us who survived the second year of the pandemic. As we do not know how the next year unfolds, it is more important for us to have hope, patience, and gratitude as we step into the holiday seasons and the new year.

The new Annual report is also available now here

Sonam Rinpoche, E@E spiritual advisor and school founder, has agreed to record a short message for us here in the West.

Sonam Rinpoche short message
  • May you continue to be in good health.
  • May you continue to shine kindness on those around you.
  • May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season together.

For many of us who have families in far corners of the earth, we wish you and your loved ones will have plenty of opportunities spending physical times together, laughing and eating together very soon.

Here are some beautiful images from the school

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