2023 Q&A videos with Sonam Rinpoche

Here are the videos from the Q&A Session with Sonam Rinpoche that was held live on January 18, 2023
Moderated by our President, Ms Patti Shelton.

What daily habits we can do to improve our mental health?
How can we help someone close to us, whether it’s a close friend of family member, who is feeling depressed, hopeless or anxious, to break that cycle?
Someone is who is close to me is suicidal. Someone who has lost hope so much they are considering suicide. How can we plant some seeds of hope or help them get out loop they are stuck in?
When i meditate, it helps me to keep my mind feeling peaceful and calm, but that feeling is not long as stress, anxiety and depression comes again. What can i do or change so that the peaceful feeling last longer?
What do you think about the modern obsession with social media and cellphones and how we can use or interact with them on a more healthy way?
When i am going about my day and encounter a really stressful situation, it is not possible for me to sit down and meditate, is there ways i can stay calm and not get stressed with that situation?
Can we improve our mental health through helping others?