Q&A with Sonam Rinpoche – LIVE on Jan 12 @ 8pm PST

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Happy New Year 2022! We may continue to find ourselves in challenging times in the new year. Fortunately, we don’t have to face these challenges alone. Wise people through the ages have found ways of achieving contentment, peace, and ease, despite whatever is going on around them. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has gathered and passed down so much of this wisdom, and has a lot to offer us in the modern world.

We’re very excited to announce a special event. Sonam Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist master and Spiritual Advisor for Education at Elevation, has generously offered to share his wisdom with us. On Wednesday evening, January 12, at 8pm Pacific Times, Sonam Rinpoche will join us via Zoom. He will offer us his wisdom, will take questions and host an open discussion, and then will offer a guided meditation to help clear our hearts and minds and bring us to a state of peace and joy.

This will be a rare opportunity to ask a Buddhist master any questions you’d like. It’s not often that a chance like this arises. In the past, those who have spent time with Sonam Rinpoche have commented that they feel at peace simply being in his presence and listening to him speak. He is a teacher of true wisdom and compassion, and he can offer guidance to help with any challenges that you may be facing. 

Please join us on Wednesday evening. Feel free to share this link with anyone who may benefit. This is an open session and all are welcome.

Sign up free event at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/qa-with-sonam-rinpoche-live-tickets-242058552647

Warm Wishes,

Education At Elevation Team