Wishing a Happy Losar to All!

Save the Date!                       Save the Date!                      Save the Date!

On Saturday, May 5, 2018 Education @ Elevation (E@E) will offer a day of learning, yoga and meditation open to all at Brightwater Center, Woodinville, WA!

This event was a great success last year, and some favorites will be returning to offer classes, meditation, and yoga. Delicious food, music and art will keep you entertained!

The Tibetan Culture and Language Class students will return for a lively and colorful lunchtime presentation of traditional Tibetan dance. Dawn Little Torres will offer her marvelously rejuvenating Sound Bath. We are also extraordinarily lucky to have Sonam Rinpoche attend as part of his 2018 visit to the United States. He visits the school at least annually and can provide the most current updates. We’ll update this website as presenters and other offerings are confirmed and will soon post ticket information as well.

As you may know, E @ E has very low overhead (no paid staff), so proceeds from this event will go directly to support education of students and provide housing for elders from remote villages in the Kham region of Tibet.

The month of May is filled with flowers here in the Pacific Northwest, which reminds me of the high meadows of Kham where herds of yak graze on endless grasslands dotted with a myriad of rare and exquisite wildflowers. Beautiful in the summer, the area at 14,000 feet elevation is cold, windy, and frozen in winter. In addition to ongoing support for the school students we are working to contribute to the construction of a new school building which will make committing to teaching in such a remote area more appealing to teachers. The old building will be renovated to provide housing for elders in the community protecting them from icy winter winds, and providing a venue for community support for seniors.

We’ll see you in May!