Sonam Rinpoche at Root2Rise Yoga

Tibetan Blessing and Meditation at Root 2 Rise Yoga, Woodinville — Nov 2016

Sonam Rinpoche will be at Root 2 Rise Yoga, Woodinville

Location: 13317 NE 175th St, Suite C, Woodinville (425-486-ROOT)
Time: 2pm

Suggested Donation: $5 ~ $30

Gather for meditation, sacred mantra, teachings on mindfulness/awareness
and living continuously with stillness and presence.
Sonam Rinpoche has spent 18 years in Buddhism Study in Tibet and India
before earning the title of “Khenpo.” In Tibetan, Khenpo refers to someone
with extensive knowledge of Buddhism study, which is the equivalent to a
professor in Buddhism philosophy.

Rinpoche has finished all Dzogchen teachings (the highest teaching) under
the Nyingma tradition as well as all the initiations from the Ahzom lineage.
Later, Rinpoche pursued higher Buddhist philosophy under the guidance
of H.H. Penor Rinpoche, and he also spent another eight years at the
Buddhism Institute of Nyingma mastering the teaching of Mahayana and

H.H. Dalai Lama has complimented his wisdom and encouraged him to
continuously uphold and propagate the Buddha’s teachings for the benefits
of all sentient beings.

Here is a snippet of the mediation during Sonam Rinpoche’s visit to Root2Rise Yoga in Woodinville.

(with bell)