Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

We at Education at Elevation are reminded daily of how grateful we are for you, our supporters. Giving generously of your time and resources, you help us to offer hope to Tibetan kids. Their bright eyes and warm spirits remind us of how truly connected we are to the whole human family. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we would like to offer a gift to you. For any donation of $30 or more, we will send you our 2018 calendar with beautiful images of the remote area of Tibet where the school is located. This unique offering is our gift to you, to allow you to enjoy beauty and remember compassion all year long.

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Interfaith Dialogue on Compassion & Kindness Video is now online

Meaningful dialogue can happen when the conversation turns to our religious differences. With understanding of other religious beliefs and practices, trust can develop as a first step in cultivating compassion and harmony through understanding within our communities.

To promote the understanding of customs and religious beliefs to nurture harmony, love and kindness in our communities, we will bring together three to promote the understanding of customs and religious beliefs to nurture harmony, love and kindness in our communities.

Here is the full recording of that dialogue.

Education at Elevation is a non-political non-profit committed to improving the lives of Tibetan children living in rural Eastern Tibet. Our vision is to bring hope to the children through education and spiritual growth that will provide them with roots for a brighter future.

The students are children of nomads who live high up in the Tibetan Plateau. Many of them are orphans or come from single-parent homes. Life is tough at 14,000 ft. and educational opportunities scarce. The school provides a safe nurturing home and as well as an education center that fosters personal and intellectual development.

The school is led by the founder, Tulku Sonam Rinpoche who grew in the Kham area where the school was built. Sonam Rinpoche’s desire is to break the tireless cycle of poverty that prevails from generation to generation in this remote land.

The students have many dreams.
We believe that education is the foundation to create a better life.
We believe that kindness transforms lives.
And believe that compassion creates hope.